USMC SGT. Wittwer (Ret.)

Marine Staff Sergeant Brandon Wittwer (Ret.) is a combat-wounded veteran of campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Along with his wife Kassandra, a fellow Osceola High School alum, and their three children Kaydance, Karter, and Kylee, SSgt. Wittwer is the 8th Hero to be benefitted by the proceeds of this annual event.

SSgt. Wittwer enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2002. During his deployment to Iraq in 2006 as a Scout Sniper Team Leader, his unit was ambushed. Despite severe head, neck, and back pain as a result of an RPG explosion, SSgt. Wittwer continued to assist injured Marines in his unit. Following rehab and time with his family, SSgt. Wittwer redeployed in 2013. During a training exercise while deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, SSgt. Wittwer suffered further spinal injuries. As a result of these injuries, he was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in November 2014 with a 100% disability rating. Over time his mobility is expected to be limited to the use of a wheelchair.