Army Cpl. Jeremy Voels

Army Cpl. Voels belongs to a military family. His father is USN(ret.) and his stepfather is currently on active duty in Afghanistan with the Army. Jeremy joined the Army in 2009 and was deployed to the East Kunar Province of Afghanistan in July 2010. He was hit in the back by sniper fire on September 15, 2010. The bullet shattered vertebrae, damaged his spinal cord, and exited through his chest. His shattered bone fragments shredded his intestines, damaged many organs, and tore at least one artery. Army Cpl. Voels was transported to Landstuhl and then to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Jeremy is paralyzed and has undergone many surgeries on his back and internal organs. Though at times it seemed Jeremy would lose his life, he has survived by his determination and stubbornness to live.